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With improved technology and latest innovation, SYNAX has developed S20 to test 16 sites or more at room and high temp. In addition, with better stability and flexibility in socket layout, S20 offer customers a more efficient and cost effective solution that suits to most testing needs in todays' world.

Available features:
- Socket Temperature Control (STC)
- Loadcell control System
- Vision Alignment
- Multi Binning Module (Additional output trays)

  • Description
  • Test Capability
  • Test Site Opening
  • Contact Force
  • EP Kit
  • Optional

  • Specification
  • 8ch/16ch
  • 400(X) 800(Y)
  • 450kgf and Above
  • EP Kit Compatible
  • Synchro Contact Mode
    Active Thermal Control (ATC)
    Double Device Detection (DDD) using Vision
    Vision Alignment